July 15th, 2003


Hell of a Day

Okay, so I felt I could roll with the next layoffs. What I wasn't counting on was them knocking my total remaining support structure out from under me. I actually flinched when I heard them say Brian's name, because he's my best source of good info for the docs in the entire company, and is good at getting me resources, information, tools, etc, as well. He's the QA manager, and has got to be one of the best allies I've had, in the 3 years I've been here.

They also took away my delivery editor, who has helped me get system resources, resolve problems with Cadence tools, tutored me patiently on Cadence tools and templates, and generally supported me in efforts to migrate to a better delivery method for docs than our old kludged home-grown system. She was right in the middle of helping fix our pdf compatibility problem when this hit. And then I found out that my next resource on that (who has also been extremely helpful in lots of areas, including connectivity to the Cadence tools and network) was also let go. I've sent out an "is anyone there" to our editor's boss, but have gotten nothing back. I have a very bad feeling about this...

I feel even more at sea and isolated than before. I still have two allies in QA, who are still here, but if they go, I will be unable to function at all, if anything goes wrong with system or tools access, which I have to have if I'm going to write about it, because no one here writes meaningful specs, and I have to be able to run the product. I am close to freaking out, because I was right in the middle of a critical path migration to the Cadence docs delivery system, which requires my working with the coding guy on the API and my writing up tag files, and all my resource folks are *gone.* At least Brian is staying on for 2 weeks because he knows he needs to tie up loose ends and "perform transfer of knowledge" as much as possible, and they're okay with that.

It's a very ugly layoff, with 10% of the company gone, and not any way of knowing who was hit and who wasn't. It's the damned economy again. It's getting way too ulcer-making.
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