July 23rd, 2003


The Government We Deserve?

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm voting out any of the bastards I can, next election. And if I could put the "recall Davis" folks on the list, I'd get rid of them, too. Why? Because the whole lot of them are wasting our money and deepening the budget crisis.

Okay, we're currently bogged in a Large Unpleasantness, which has a lot to do with an economy that went from boom to bust in almost 1929 exhuberance. But recalling Governor Davis isn't going to fix it. It's going to make it worse by forcing us to spend Even More Money California Doesn't Have on a recall election, then determining who the hell gets the next crack at being the official scapegoat...I mean...governor. I may not be thrilled with Davis, but I doubt a recall election would fix things. Just like the legislature is in open defiance of his order to not work on anything but the budget. Now THESE folks are ones it would be gratifying to recall, but hey, most of them we can vote out in less than 2 years.

However, an analyst on the news at lunch put it pretty succinctly when he said "If you're persistant, you can probably get enough signatures to get a recall of a ham sandwich." Something about voter ignorance. He said a lot of folks outside the state are thinking California has gone into la-la land. Well, a lot of folks *inside* the state do, too.

Meanwhile, the elected representatives are all playing standoff, mostly along partisan lines, and ringing up the extra interest charges and increasing the poor state of the economy (laying off state workers, which will happen very soon if they don't do something, isn't going to help us). Okay, it's not pleasant, but in hard times, you just have to knuckle down and make sacrifices and compromises. It won't all go away if you dig in your heels. Oh, that's right, maybe these were folks who were raised to believe in entitlement, and the slogan of a recent commercial "Two for me, none for you!"

Meanwhile, the Wild West comes to NYC, with a shootout at New York City Hall, apparently a political rival shooting a councilman and then being shot himself. 2 dead. And hasn't NYC had guns banned since the 1930's? Yep, gun control will prevent all this, they claim. Just remember that Feinstein has a concealed-carry permit, because she's different from the rest of us.

Is anarchy really so bad?
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Dancing Thru

Music therapy

Things have been understandably intense at work. So last night I went to a free concert in Mitchell Park in Palo Alto - Tempest, my favorite band for lo! these nearly 15 years or so. There was a sunken "bowl" that made a good dance floor, and I danced my little feet off, with a chunk of kids, adults, and dogs. ;-) That's just it. Tempest is the best dance band going. I've watched them have folks dancing in the streets outside places they were playing. I trance-dance to near-exhaustion, but it's the best therapy I know. It was what I was doing to manage my "progressive nervous breakdown" when I was waaaay too overstressed in 1989. Best thing I could do. After years of barely making it to Tempest gigs, I am now trying to get to them regularily.
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