August 8th, 2003


Arnie isn't a bad choice...

Arnold Schwareznegger for Governor? Folks say that it's ridiculous. I'm not so sure.

Points cited as to why it's bad:
1.) He's never been in politics, not even for dogcatcher.
Personally, I think that might be an advantage, in my way of looking at things. And he's sharp enough I don't think they'll chew him up and spit him out.
2.) He's an actor.
And your point is??? Just because Ronald Reagan was an actor doesn't mean they're all bad. Look at Senator George Murphy.
3.) Bush has endorsed him.
Okay, you've got me there. However, Bush can make mistakes. Hmm, you know I just thought about that...
4.) He has a funny accent. Someone said it worried him. I pointed out that Arnie isn't even German. "They're all the same," he said. At that point, I took offense at stereotyping. Let's not even get into the discussion.

Also, there are a few points that recommend him. For the first, see #1 above. Also:
1.) He's married to Maria Shriver (a 1-off Kennedy)
2.) He's got a lot of very idealistic ideas, like being into kids causes, believes a lot of progressive rhetoric about the role of government, etc.
3.) He's fiscally brilliant, manages his own money and empire personally and very shrewdly and built up immense wealth from nothing (and you just thought he was an actor/bodybuilder)
4.) He's not from Here. There's a very large advantage to not having grown up in America, because you get a whole different outlook and attitude, different from our own tunnel vision.

So, much as folks might roll their eyes and make Terminator jokes, I'm not sure that Arnold is a bad alternative. I certainly don't think he would be any worse than the status quo.

That said, I'm still voting against the recall.
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