August 13th, 2003

Dancing Thru

Earthlink doesn't get it

I heard from a friend that you can read your mail from work, by using Earthlink web mail. So I tried, this morning. I got a nifty little message saying that Web Mail didn't support 4.x browsers. Now, we are on a UNIX network with Netscape here, and don't have a choice of browser. Actually, that's not entirely true. I run 4.76 out of the home directory of one of the QA guys (contraband installation) because IT is still running 4.6 and refuses to upgrade. Because of configuration issues, later releases of Netscape won't work correctly here.

So Earthlink doesn't get it, when they offer to take you to the download site. If you're at work (most common use of net mail), you often don't get a choice of browser.

At least I don't have to use Exploder... Oh, very interesting. Our internal email for the building seems to be working (UNIX) but we haven't gotten anything from corporate (Microsoft servers) since last night when they said they were having problems with the blaster worm, and would be downloading a fix. Gee, ya think???