August 14th, 2003

Dancing Thru

Food cravings

Something weird is going on with my body. First it was a simple craving for red meat and dairy products. Then, over the course of a week, I've been getting very HUNGRY in ways I'm not used to. And started feeling tired. Okay, lack of calcium goes with tired, too... "Iron poor, tired blood" as that old commercial once said, suggests itself. I noticed the white splotches on my palms, and said "huh, going anemic again, am I?" and ate some beef. And started popping stress vitamins.

Now, for three days, it's a craving for liver and spinach, in addition. I've eaten my way through a liver pate sausage, and tons of spinach. My body is still going "red meat!" in an ogre voice. Okay, if this is something weird because of peri-menopause, it's certainly an interesting one.
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