September 11th, 2003

Dancing Thru

Relationship and defining events

Again, a whole group of us who were doing time on this planet when Something Big Happened, bonded by shared reactions to events. Sometimes it's good: "The Eagle Has Landed..." or very bad "again, this is an unconfirmed report, the President is dead..." But you know what you were doing Forever, when you heard.

Strange, it's mixed in my head with my late best friend, calling me at home, saying "You NEED to turn on the TV. They've rammed a plane into the World Trade Center!" and the disbelief. It's a moment shared in time, that bonds us still, and she reaches out from the beyond, two women caught in a moment like insects in amber. Who do you call, when the world you knew rips into glittering shreds? Who is that first person?

And those searing scars of events branded into your soul match, like mirror images. And my thoughts today are not about what happened, but who I shared it with, those who made the short list of psychic trauma, as it were. They know who they are (if a couple of them know anything, in that unknown space beyond this world), and might be reflecting on it, even now. Shared trauma, diminished a bit by those with whom one has shared joy, just shared... You know who it was, forever.
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Dancing Thru

mutter, mutter blaster worm....

I'm not going to comment on today until tomorrow, when hopefully whatever has moved out of whatever cycle it's in.

This much, though, I learned. It is not necessary, on a corporate network, to even *use* your PC in order to get a worm. As I found out, today. I logged in for the first time in weeks, because I needed to read a couple excel spreadsheets that I had in my Unix box. The only reason I have the PC is so I can read Excel and Word documents. It has NO net access other than a window into my Unix box through the corporate network. Well, nothing worked, and just spewed error messages. These were documents that worked perfectly well before. I called IT. Yup. And my machine (no surprise) was very, very out of date. They even had to enable Internet Exploder (which our IT guy had told us NOT to use, and refused to configure) to get the new updates. Sigh. (One of the fun side comments, though was "well, it won't do anything to your Unix box. Nothing can break Unix.")

However, it says something about today that I had to make several *other* calls to IT, not MS related. More later