October 6th, 2003


Propaganda politics as usual

The more I see of politics...

I'm in Arnold's corner on this one. I'm sorry, but I think this "inappropriate touching" is a tempest in a teapot. Hell, I've been *flattered* when a man pats me on the rump and says "nice ass." It's not like it was a case of a boss and subordinant. BTW, I've also experienced *real* and unpleasant sexual harrassment in the workplace (back at Motorola), but it was the kind that's not actionable, because it was simply a couple coworkers (not simultaneously) who kept coming on to me in an obnoxious manner, and weren't going to take "go away" and suggestions of other auto-attentive activities for an answer. Legally, at least in the '80's, that wasn't considered sexual harrassment. I find Swartzenegger's actions to simply be fairly normal for a healthy male. I guess I must have a different outlook than some.

Oh, and I heard what he actually said about Hitler. I agree with him. He said something to the effect that you had to credit Hitler's speaking ability, because he was extremely persuasive and good at firing up a crowd. You can't dispute that. Hitler was incredibly good at speaking, and wouldn't have gotten to the place he was without it. People who dispise everything Hitler stands for will still have to credit that he was a very effective speaker, because he was. He wouldn't have been in control of the 3rd Reich if he wasn't an effective speaker.

I had originally figured it was something like "Mussolini made the trains run on time." I know I've said that one several times, myself, so I guess that makes me a Mussolini supporter.

This election isn't about issues, it's about knee-jerk emotions, and I really wish I wasn't part of this mass of idiots who are going to get the government that they (not I) deserve, through the tyranny of democracy.

NO on Recall!
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Dancing Thru

The Old Artillery Person

It was an interesting weekend. My Civil War artillery unit truly surprised me in a couple ways. One is, I was made a double gun-sergeant, not just for my own cannon, but for the one that belongs to the unit, as well. And then came the Order of Saint Barbara. I was actually surprised, when they made me the latest inductee to St. Barbara, the patron saint of artillery. They talked like it was a lifetime achievement award, and said that they had wanted to do it before, but I'd gotten other awards at other times, so they were saving it. I was touched to the core by it all. It always surprises me, as I'm the female in what was once a man's game, and it touches me to know they notice and care. Because I fought every inch of the way, to be the best, to blaze ground. My friend Chuck Fulks had a dream of making the club a place that was friendly to women and families, and I was his agent. Well, one of two, as my late friend Lia was the other one. She made the place accepting of conventional women, and I of the unconventional.

Sunday morning, I spoke at the memorial service for my two friends who meant a lot in my Civil War reenacting, over the years. One was the selfsame Chuck Fulks, the other Ed Pico. It was hard, very hard, to get up and talk without my voice breaking, but I got through, and folks said I summed up the essence of both of these men very well, later. My friend Bob only made it through two sentences before he broke down and couldn't go on. I saw him and my friend Gene standing forlornly together, a little later in the ceremony, and came up between them and hugged them. And both hugged me desperately back. I was the intermediary: they couldn't do that as two men supporting each other, but I was a friend of both, and our late friend Ed. I was surprised that I was one of the few people speaking. Maybe a lot of folks just couldn't. It was nice, with the cannon salute, and the draped caisson and the horse with the empty saddle. Fit send off for two men who had both been artillery, and my friends.

But it was odd, because the memories were all mixed with that also of Lia. The black armband I wore was still the same one I wore for her, earlier this year. I'm feeling a little too close to being Last Man Standing.

But I was glad to be able to wear the St. Barbara medal at the ceremony, as I am sure both Chuck and Ed would have appreciated it.
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