October 9th, 2003


Nibbled to death by ducks

I have been having one of those lives, the past few weeks. You ever just have one of those times where there are small annoyances everywhere, that require you deal with them? That's been my life.

On my third call to my condo folks about somehow my reservation not going through because of some credit card problem for the occupancy tax payment, I get to talk to a supervisor, who finds out that the reason there was a problem was that no one in their office submitted the billing paperwork. Duuuh.

I've mentioned the ISP thing. There have been some minor other things, too, just stuff that you have to go straighten out, like the clogged plumbing.

But the one that took my time today was going to the DMV and saying "Okay, why haven't I gotten license plates? It's two days past 90 days." They check their computer, and say "There's some sort of problem, contact your dealer." At least they gave me a temporary operating permit. I call the dealer. They say they'll check up. They get back almost immediately. Apparently, they were contacted by the DMV saying that they (the DMV) had somehow misplaced the paperwork on the vehicle (sounds more like they mis-entered something, since they knew who to contact, etc.) and could they please re-submit it? They resubmitted the license paperwork on Sept. 19th, so they said hopefully they won't screw it up, this time. If I haven't seen any license plates in two weeks, the dealership wants me to call them back, and they'll go rag on the DMV. And people wonder why we're fed up with California government? (Admittedly, the DMV is notorious...)
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