October 17th, 2003

Dancing Thru

Dayquel is my friend

I wake up headachy and feeling slightly feverish. My nose is stuffed up. Not good. Too much to do. And it seems like some sort of low-grade something is running through my body a lot, lately. Every couple months, something attacks my system. Maybe stress makes for a good host? However, I was thinking of just toughing it out, when my eye lit on the unopened bottle of Dayquel on the shelf. So I dosed myself and went to work. Wow, I feel human again. This is good stuff. I've always sworn by Nyquel, so it looks like the daytime version actually works.

Was reading in Discover that old-fashioned whooping cough is making a comeback. Sounds like what my former boss had, a couple years ago. It was this awful cough that lasted for months, and just wouldn't go away. Seems that the vaccinations you get as kids wear off after 20 years or so, so adults are now getting whooping cough. But by the time they can figure out you have it, it's too late, and you just have to ride with it. And no one seems very concerned about adults with whooping cough. Hmm, there goes that implied contract with 20th century medicine, again. Forget SARS, say hello to whooping cough, an old standard.

I wonder more about these low-grade whatsits. What I've been getting is nothing dramatic, just more like low-grade cold stuff. But a LOT of them. I wonder if there's a bunch of new mutations to the common cold?