October 23rd, 2003

Dancing Thru

Hmm, geeky...

I must be a bad geek, somewhat, as I not only didn't exaggerate (extra points), but I didn't check a lot of the stuff that I used to do, but don't any more. (For instance, I haven't tinkered with electronics in some years. I am also just not an online gamer at all, and am avoiding things like cel phones.) Still...
I came out as 49.5069 supergeek. If I added in a person I used to be, I'm sure I would score higher.

The quiz also didn't have any categories like "do you know boolean algebra?" or "have you ever built a Heathkit?" or "Did you ever own a CB radio? Stay on it more than 6 hours a day? Have a base station? Have a HAM radio?" Ah, must be these kids, that don't know about some of this stuff, like foxhunting, etc. That's it, I'm an Elder Geek.

I also didn't answer things like been "a *professional* lighting techie". I've done a lot of volunteer theatrical lighting stuff, etc. And what the hell is hypertext fiction? I only use hypertext for tekkie stuff.