October 27th, 2003

Dancing Thru

Stuff and Junkness

It fully hit me this weekend that I need to have:
a.) more resolve to throw things out
b.) a yard sale
c.) a LOT more selling on eBay

This last takes much more effort, but the return is better. All I need to do now is overcome a guilt factor. The guilt factor is involves what I can best call "entrustment."

Because my house is the graveyard of Dead People's Stuff. There are also a few boxes of things that I inherited rather like free kittens, from folks who were moving. Or, say, SCA waivers. (I think I can throw them out, 20 years later.) But the majority is Dead People's Stuff. Family stuff, stuff from the families of friends, stuff from deceased friends, all of that. Everyone solves their space problems by giving things to me. Some of this is fine, because there is sentiment involved, but I also have collections from my sister-in-law's folks, and stuff that was given to me by my late friend Jana, who decided after she'd had me store things for years, that it was more trouble than it was worth to get, so it was now *mine.* And of course there are still boxes from my father's place that I haven't sorted through, almost 15 years later.

I also am undecided about what to do with things belonging to my ex-husband, which sometimes turn up. At least with Dead People's Stuff, they aren't someday going to say "But I always really wanted that..." fifteen years down the way. (I've already had this happen with a friend who was moving, and decided she wanted stuff back, 5 years later, and I'd gifted it to the goodwill. I need to just embrace the guilt factor and stop being such a patsy, sigh.

But basically, I need to stop being the Universal Repository of Things. I already peered into some boxes, this weekend, and said "Sell, sell, throw out, donate, throw out, sell." Now all I have to do is (hah, hah) find the time to actually do some of this stuff.