November 4th, 2003

Dancing Thru

When sick, warm kitties are good

This is day two of being Nastily Sick. Which means I get to catch up on email, reading, and whatever, when I'm not collapsed and unconcious.
Circe has discovered the computer, and is watching the cursor type things in, and has a general fascination with the device. She is watching words apear even as I type this.
It's cold, so I have been having three cats on the bed at night. And Circe hs been quite snuggly the past two days. This is a good thing. It's quite comforting to have a snuggle kitty when you're being miserable.
Interestingly enough, the thing that seems to be coming out of being sick is that I am more in touch with my creativity. I wrote a couple pages each on various novels, last night, and find I'm working on plot aspects of several other parts, today. It's nice to have an excuse to let my mind wander and see what characters are telling me. (In case anyone is interested, I have five (six if you count that the Irish fantasy is two volumes) in various stages of construction. The Irish fantasy was one I was working on, last night. Volume 1 has about 250 pages done, while Volume 2 has about 40. When I started, I hadn't realized that it was two volumes, but it makes sense, if you realize that volume 2 takes place a thousand years later. Add in 3 historical romance--for lack of better term--novels, and Harp and the Eagle, the alternative history) In normal space, I just don't have enough time to listen to my characters, but now they're all chatting at once. Maybe I need to just run off and commune, periodically. (I'm also finding they are doing very unexpected things. Figures.
When I get a chance, I'll post something on our Piratical Halloween show. But right now, it's time to snooze again...
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