November 6th, 2003

Dancing Thru

Three days of down time...

Being sick for the past three days has been interesting. (I went in to work, yesterday, realized this was a Bad Mistake, and went home before noon, taking some stuff to work on with me.) I've been sicker than I've been for some years, but it was amazing what happened along the way.
I wrote. I put the keyboard in my lap and wrote emails catching up with distant friends. (Okay, I admit falling asleep while composing one, and having to log in again.) I got out my laptop and wrote on a couple of the novels. And what I didn't write, I feel asleep and had characters telling me stories. Including a whole new novel. Wow. And lots of new material for the others. I had no idea one of my characters was going off to market to hock her cameo earrings and buy piglets. I had no idea another was going to get into a heated arguement with a socialite while saving fallen women in 1870 San Francisco. I had no idea that my timelost Irish heroine was going to be taken in by three women who look suspiciously like the Norns. I had no idea that an alter-ego of mine from 1860's reenactments was going to demand I write down her life story (the new novel). Wow. Lots of pages of new stuff, and so many *ideas*!

Even the tech writing seemed better, though the kitten kept coming over and trying to play catch-the-cursor.

And then I got back to work, and it's complete pandemonium. People are screaming for things beyond our capability to deliver, and I admit I got very tart in email today. And actually got a bit of contrition from one of the AE's on the East Coast. Maybe I should snap back more often...
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