November 19th, 2003


Virus - I'm annoyed

Well, a friend has been on me for the past week to get a greeting card from my email. I don't have time to bother with the computer, mostly, when I'm home, and Earthlink is so screwed, half the time, booting you off the server, etc. that I don't get to it for a week or more. So this morning, I finally download my email, open the goddamned card, and get the message "Gotcha! Your computer is now F****D." and goes into a rant about how stupid you are for using Microsoft, which tracks what web sites you visit, etc. Sounds like a variation on Blaster.

The great irony is that I was trying to buy a new package to re-up my virus protections last week, because I'd expired, but ended up cancelling the order because I was trying to download online, and the @$#%! Earthlink server kept booting me out halfway through the download. I ended up canceling, and haven't gotten around to reordering a physical copy.

So, I just logged out, turned off the computer, and maybe I'll deal with it all sometime in December, if I don't get it done on the weekend (not likely---I'm already double-booked for most of my time). I don't have time to screw with this.

Thank gods I do most of my real work on the laptop, now, which does not connect to the internet and never will, if I have any say. Everyone should have an isolated system.
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