January 6th, 2004

Dancing Thru

Dream Home dreaming

I entered the HGTV "Dream Home Sweepstakes" for a second time, today. I know it's only a snowball's chance in Hades I'd win, but that's what dreams are for. And the problem is that I'd want to live in it...that's why it's so nice. Very nice period-oid touches, nifty floorplan and furnishings, and the biggest draw---the LOCATION. Surrounded by salt marsh. (Yeah, even with that barrier island, it's bad juju if there's a hurricane, but the whole thing is built to withstand (theoretically) that kind of blow, with a breakaway bottom that's only garage and storage, stress cabling, etc.) But wow... It is nice to think about, including how to *keep it* and not expire from the taxes due on the windfall. (Okay, I admit part of my daydreams involve how to win a million dollar home and be able to pay the taxes on it, as interesting an exercise as fantasizing about living there.)

Most of their previous houses are not even appealing to me. This one is. That's what makes it such a great fantasy.