January 16th, 2004

Dancing Thru

Low Carb Mania

I was reading the article on the Atkins fad:

Now, I have always let my body dictate to me what it likes. I have loved scarfing down cheese, and find I feel satisfied after eating meat. But I also listen to my cravings, like "I need fruit!" or when I would kill for a big platter of spinach. Or yes, pasta. Americans are not used to listening to their bodies. They eat when they're not hungry, and when they are, they aren't sure what they're hungry *for.* Maybe, ultimately, we need to be more in touch with ourselves.
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Dancing Thru


I finally decided those novels sitting in the file cabinet weren't going to do much good just sitting there, and I should start the effort to get them into shape for submission, again. (The sci-fi novel was retyped an eon ago, on the office wordprocessor, so it needs to go into some other format, though it's presentable.)

I did a little manuscript triage, and realized the one with the most potential was my Regency romance, especially since I've got three other Regencies I'm working on sporadically, which can be waiting in the wings. I have my fantasy/alternate reality Ireland novel, Carrowhigh, (NOT the alternate history Irish novel, BTW), but that's too much of my Mona Lisa to be a good follow-on to the sci-fi novel, for now. I'm not really ready to finish volume 1, as it's still reinventing itself. (For instance, it has become two novels, now, taking place 1500 years apart...)

So I sat down last night and started entering The Beleaguered Bachelor into Framemaker, editing along the way. I've tightened it up, a lot. The nice thing about distance is I can just play tech writer, and redo dialog, clarify (my editors have told me to watch my unclear personal pronouns in the past), and drop unnecessary parts. I got the initial 8 pages done. Another night or two, and Chapter 1 will be done, which means I can start thinking about checking agents and/or publishers while I retype the rest, since the usually only want to see a sample chapter or two. (Okay, I need to do a summary doc, as well, but that's fine.) If I keep this up, I should be able to get the full 300+ pages done in a reasonable time.

I was actually favorably impressed with how well it flowed, even without the edits. Any place it seemed to slow down, I hit it with a minor rewrite or deletion. I figure I'll do a second pass as I finish each chapter. It usually takes at least two editing passes to get a story into shape.

If a publisher doesn't like Framemaker, I'll offer them a postscript copy. Or tell them they can put it through a filter to turn it into (shudder) Word, since Framemaker supports conversion utilities.
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