January 26th, 2004

Dancing Thru

Another productive weekend

I bargained off a few things, like reading and re/writing, but I accomplished a lot, in the house and yard, this weekend. The back hall is now clean, and a year's worth of midden is gone from it. It looks neat and organized. I also went through the 6 month accumulation in the center hall, got everything put away, etc. Hmm, didn't even know that was where the black hakama had ended up... I also found another hoard of Circe's toys. This included four missing crocheted hair scrunchies.

speaking of whom, I found another hoard in the corner of the living room, when I moved things so I could vaccuum the carpet that was looking more like Circe fur than carpet. And the uncarpeted areas and hall were full of fluffy dust-Circes. Sigh, what I get for having a long-haired Siamese. (Hairball season is going to be a joy...)

I also got rid of a lot of the Amazing Box Collection, those cardboard containers that seem to multiply until broken down and sent to recycling. What scares me is how small a part of the accumulation it was, but the sheer volume of cardboard (and styrofoam). Between junk mail and collapsed boxes, I filled a recycling bin, and have some items waiting in the wings for next week. (I could fill the container half again.) Scary.

I was thinking of ways to reorganize the living room, and realized there is too much furniture in there. And why is there all that furniture, which I would rather do without? Media storage. Tapes (VCR and cassette), CDs, old LP records... Some in racks, some stowed out of sight in cabinets, but 6 (!) pieces of furniture are exclusively media storage. Not books/bookcases but media storage. I think it's going to be time to ask some hard questions about the video part of it. I hardly have time to watch anything as it is (another goal accomplished--watch the 2nd Hornblower episode on the tape Rosemary loaned me, which I did during breaks from housecleaning, in 3 sittings). Music I listen to, and doesn't take up as much space. But am I ever going to watch thousands of hours worth of movies/anime/B5, Farscape etc? I suspect not. There are more important things in life. Sooner or later, it will be triage time...

Soon, the next batch of new curtains will be here, and refresh the living room. I'm wondering if there is a laundromat with one of those old dry-cleaning machines, since I am reluctant to spend a huge lot on the dirty old apartment-style curtains. At least all the curtains I got this time can be washed!
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Dancing Thru

Email attack

We are currently under a massive denial-of-service and virus attack, which has, for the moment, killed our email. PCs are now infected with a virus, and even our Unix mail has now crashed, sending strings of MIME-error messages before it went down entirely. Messages were made to look like they were coming from inside the company. It's an interesting start to the week, sigh...

Multiplying items

I had a sudden realization today. It was to do with having to buy hangers this weekend, because I had run out.

My wire coathangers no longer multiply. They diminish. Because I seem to take items to places on wire hangers, and the hangers stay. Or they get deformed out of shape so much that I toss them. And I haven't had anything drycleaned since I had it done for a dress for a friend's wedding. Just about everything I own is natural fibers and is washed and ironed (or steamed). Diminishing coathangers, wow.

But what IS multiplying? Well, junk mail is the obvious answer. (I swear I must have fallen off the Mail Preference list, since the junkmail has gone up exponentially in the last year.) But more than that, boxes and styrofoam, and plastic bags. I go to Costco, and they put my stuff in a box. My wine club stuff comes in boxes, with styrofoam. Or from the winery in a box. Or I buy a cheap new vaccuum, and there is as much packaging as vaccuum cleaner. And plastic bags!!! When I go to Grocery Outlet, I plead with them to put more stuff in each bag, but no...I get a bag of sugar in its own bag, a bottle of juice in its own bag... And then they double-bag them! Every recycling day, a wad of plastic bags stuffed into another plastic bag goes into the bin. They won't use my fabric bag---I guess it's too yuppy for the blue-collar atmosphere of Grocery Outlet. At least I've figured out I can recycle the styrofoam wine insulators as flower pots for seedlings. Plastic bags have more limited uses, mostly lining trash cans.

New century, new multiplying items...
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