February 4th, 2004

Dancing Thru

And what country is THIS spam scam from???

This one is particularily good, in that only someone who has NO command of English would think it could fool anyone.
Dear CITI_bank _Client_,

This LETTER was sent by_the_ citibank_ servers to
veerify your _e-mail_ address.
You muust cmptloee this prsecos by clicking on the_link bellow and enteering in the smal winndow your _citibank ATM/Debit full card number and _PIN_ that you use on the local ATM. That is done for Your pecrottion -V- becourse some of our members_ no lgeonr have accses to their email addsrsees and we must verify it.
My theory is for trained monkeys. ;-) Foreign trained monkeys.

In the other news, my Netscape hasn't fully worked correctly since we were hit by MyDoom. I keep getting weird error messages I've never seen, including something about "unable to load Java aplet" and a slew of old favorites, such as temporary hangs with messages about being asked to grab widgets not on list, and related "I can't find it" messages. I suspect something is still screwy on the (MS-based) corporate server.