March 17th, 2004


No jobs left behind (in America)

Sylvia just showed me the morning paper. Powell was assuring the Indians (east, not American) that the Bush administration would make sure that efforts to stop the offshoring of jobs to India were not successful. Yes, they will try to block any bills that congresscritters propose to stop the flow of jobs offshore. For the first time, I really wondered WHO these guys are working for. What does India have that we want??? Or how do they have us by the short hairs?

There was some bit of pap about "In return, we would like you to eliminate any trade restictions on American goods." Well and good, but there's something they haven't grasped here. *India has no money.* They can't buy stuff from us for the same reason we are sending jobs over there: no one in the country makes squat. When you can get an engineer for $10K or less, what are they going to use to buy American goods? These guys flunk Economics 101? (No, they never bothered to take it...)

Let's see, they want to eliminate overtime pay, send jobs overseas, cut various benefits for seniors in various ways, not extend unemployment for the long-term unemployed, all while telling us that the economy is getting stronger every day. Yeah, it's strong, it's that smell of something rotten in America, growing riper by the day. Are we really *sure* these guys aren't working for some enemy of America?
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