April 27th, 2004


I used to skimp on sleep...

There's this line in Michael Longcor's lament on getting older: "I used to skimp on sleep for days, but never felt the lack/I used to hit the bottle hard, but now it hits me back." Well, the bottle isn't hitting back, maybe because I believe in moderation, but the sleep definitely is. And just pushing, pushing, pushing.

I got through my triple-scheduled week, but paid the price. Of course, the fact I couldn't sleep on Sunday night, when I got back, after a wearing wool all day at the Highland Games (I'm SO glad that Nightwind has very good air conditioning) and pushing myself hard, maybe contributed. My nose was simultaneously clogged and running (yes, it is possible), my thermoregulation (impacted ever since I had borderline heatstroke at a Civil War event) was running very hot, and it was 85 inside the house. I ended up unable to sleep, but dead tired. I finally, after hours of cold compresses, aspirin (to lower fever), and sitting watching late-night Iron Chef America, found myself nodding---at 2 am. Thank heavens! Yesterday was something I trudged through, sleep deprived, and all ache-y because it was my first heavy-slinging of cannon and equipment for the year. I think I sleep-talked through my last two phone calls, last night, and was out like a light minutes after finishing the last one. Sometime in the night, I managed to get up and turn out the lights, and slept heavily until morning. I'm better, today.

Damn, I hate getting older. In my twentysomethings, I could keep up this kind of scheduling for months at a time. Okay, yeah, I admit I do remember having a few problems now and then, but I could sustain the pace a lot better. Humpf, this getting older is just doesn't suit me at all.
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Coworker lapses redux

It seems like the memory lapse thing with my coworker is not only continuing, but getting worse. I've made the same corrections in one of her documents three times. In one, I found a sentence that just terminated in midspan. She claimed it was always like that. I reached into my trash can, pulled out a previous copy, circled the missing rest of the paragraph, and gave it to her. She hadn't put it back into the new copy she just gave me. I found the page with the circled part in her trash can, tonight. I also sent her some copy that she claimed she hadn't received. I stood at her shoulder and told her to check her email. She went back through, found it, and said she didn't recall getting it.

Today, she told me that she accidentally mixed up some cans, and sprayed all her irises with Roundup, not fungicide like she had thought. She discovered her mistake later, and hosed them down, but doesn't know if it took---time will tell.

I hate to say this, but this pattern is looking an awful lot like signs I've seen in people's parents who were starting to have age-related mental problems. She's only 59, but that doesn't necessarily limit it.
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