May 5th, 2004


Gifts of the Neighbor

I have a neighbor who is a great admirer of my Halloweens, who seems to cross my path with frequency, lately. Last halloween, he asked if he could have some of my apples to can for sauce, and I told him to take all he wanted. There's more than any of us could deal with! In return, I got back a boxful of applesauce.

Well, on Monday evening, he showed up on my doorstep with his kids in tow, and a gift of a jar of strawberry jam, that he thought I might like. (He says he does a lot of canning.) Nice kids. They like my Halloween shows--son wanted to know where I keep my skeleton, when he's not in the yard.

I'm going to have to let him know about the plum tree and the apricot tree. I bet I get goodies back, in return.
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