June 10th, 2004

Dancing Thru

Thoughtful friends

A good friend is someone who can read between the lines about when you're going crazy.

I was supposed to be doing food for the Dana Adobe event, this weekend. My email to Russ must have sounded strained (well, I saw him last month, so he also kind of knows how my life is going), because he said "Don't worry about the food. Betty and I will do a stew. Just come. It doesn't matter when you get here. We'll have a leftover cassarole waiting for you for dinner on Friday." Mind you, I was still willing to do food, but this was like a great burden lifted from me.

I will throw in a few things for a quick and dirty edible demo, probably fritters leavened with beaten eggwhites. I could use some serious whisking action as a stress reliever. And the equipment needed is negligible: an iron dutch oven, a few bowls, some utensils, and the ingredients. Makes a good demo, and people love eating them!

I'm travelling about 240 miles for this event, and shopping, loading up, etc. was starting to intimidate me. I hadn't even said anything, but Russ sensed it, and made arrangements, and the blessings I can rain upon him are many and prodigous.
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Dancing Thru

Creative packaging statistics

I got one of my weaknesses, "flaming hot" Cheetoes out of the vending machine. These things are a massive calorie hit, but every now and then, I indulge, vowing not to eat the whole package. I did a double-take on the calorie rating on the back. Only 170 calories? Did they reformulate these things? Then I read the fine print. There are now *2* servings in the little vending bag. So it still has 340 calories, but the "servings" are smaller.
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