July 6th, 2004

Dancing Thru

The person who isn't me...

It's sometimes interesting to do a Google search on variations of oneself. I know that the other Jilara identities are a horse, and an artist in Brazil. Using various other versions of my legal name, I have turned up my fiction writing (but not my history articles), shamanism, Native American activism, herbalism, bees, and historic pursuits. The best ones for making sure it's "me" are using either my middle name or middle initial.

The weird one is that there is a one-off version of me that I get from using my first and last name, only. It's like she's a version of me that might have been, if the moonshadows had spun from the opposite side of the mountain. Activist, but way, way more radical left than me. Seems to be a socialist Green with communist leanings. She's into social biology and primates, and frankly, some of the listings for her I find...troubling in glitchy ways. Like running into another Promethea, to use Alan Moore's comic book analogy. Just...unnerving.
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Dancing Thru

My 4th

I wore my "That's How Freedom Will End, With a Rustle of File Folders" T-shirt. Because what better time to remind people?
I didn't shoot cannon. I was feeling hot (hmm, maybe menopause), and the idea of putting on my Civil War uniform just didn't appeal. If it's not seeming fun, why do it?
I did a 3-minute figure sketch to make sure I still could, using a '20's actress as a model. Hmm,not bad for quick and dirty. I just needed to check on whether my art was going the way of "use it or lose it."

I found a lost dog after the fireworks, a little fuzzy guy running in the street, terrified. I picked him up and he was shaking like a leaf. I checked some houses near where I found him, but no one could ID where he belonged. So I took him home. Early the next morning, I posted notices all around the area where I found him. To make a long story short, by noon, a couple of preteen girls showed up on my doorstep to happily reclaim him. Seems the gate was broken, and they and folks got home at 11:30 to find the dog missing. They were happy someone had taken him in.