July 8th, 2004


Disney, ebay, and Cinderella...

As if it weren't bad enough that ebay's terminology police won't let vintage clothing sellers use the term "Jackie" or "Marilyn" or Mod, for obscure reasons, and will cancel auctions using those terms, if they are reported to them, the new forbidden term is Cinderella. Apparently, they have decided that if it's not licensed by Disney, you can't use the term Cinderella. Someone piped up on a discussion board that they won't let them use Cinderella as a costume term in the costume shop where she works, for fear of Disney lawsuits. Since when has Disney co-opted hundreds of years of folklore? (Hmm, maybe it's related to the corporation who is patenting parts of the human genome.)

Ebay, however, has gotten completely ridiculous, enough that I signed the petition asking for a review of their strange and arbitrary policies, in the context of vintage clothing. Said petition got something like 400 signatures, enough that some of the vintage dealers are meeting with ebay this week to discuss the issue. "Cinderella" is the newest one on the list of grievances. We'll see if this goes anywhere... It all smacks of some giant corporation harrassing little people for using common terms that they have co-opted to their own use.
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