July 26th, 2004


Hopefully, menopause will be over swiftly

I think I've started menopause. At least, I can't think of any other reason why I should suddenly be sweating for no reason. And the past week has been good for this. Not hot flashes, just warm and sweat like I've been working out. And when I was moving heavy furniture on Sunday, and it was warm, I was utterly drenched. Enough that I could wring water out of my clothes, and it kept dripping down into my eyes. I've never sweated like that, even in heavy workouts. I drank *gallons* of water. I hope I'm at least burning calories!

For someone who goes into heat exhaustion at the drop of a hat, I have some concern about this. A friend told me to talk to my doctor. Why? The only alternatives are something I wouldn't like any better, I'm sure. I just want this out of my system and over. The faster the better. I have no patience with bodily quirks and limitations. I plan to drink lots of water and keep my electrolytes up, and see about adding more soy to my diet.
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The rework continues

I hit another one of those days where I wanted to reorganize the house.

Heh, first I really need to do something about the mess. Hence Saturday I dealt with the top layer of mess, all those things that have been piling up while I've been working too long. Just the top layer. It was a wiser choice than trying to join the neighborhood Block Sale. I talked to several of my neighbors, and they were doing pretty much nothing in sales. (I, on the other hand, picked up some hanger-organizers for the closet, a pair of shoes suitable for living history, a paperback Ann Rule true crime novel, and a Brazil '66 album, with change left from $4.)

Sunday, I started doing some reorg in the dining room. Again, it felt like creating space, and though I still have a ways to go, I felt good about it. I keep thinking about the living room, but until I figure where to relocate a couple items, I can't go there yet. Putting the rack of video tapes on top of the bookcase created serious wall space in the dining room, so maybe I can think of a similar solution for some other things. I'm also still hoping to rip up more of The Dread Green Carpet, but that also requires serious furniture moving, which I can't do on my own. Eventually...

I also filled another recycle bin. Junk mail and dead boxes and packing material, mostly. And found some items I'd been fretting over, including a credit card that I knew had to be there *somewhere.* (Too many stacks of mail!)

I've also figured that the time may have come to get rid of the 1930's family bureaus, and maybe replace them with something more practical, like another tansu or two. One is getting rather decrepit, and I rescued it from my mom throwing it out back in--ahem, 1972. I realize I haven't cleaned out the drawers for 30 years or so, too. Well, things to think about...

Rome wasn't built in a day, and I'm not going to redo the house in a couple weekends, either, regardless of what they show on HGTV. But step-by-step, I'll make progress.
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