September 28th, 2004

Dancing Thru

Pacific Rim on the move!

Well, the much-anticipated (but late) Parkfield Quake finally happened (6.0, but in a place where Not Many People Are). Don't try to hurry Ma Nature.

However, the timing is interesting. There have been little earthquake swarms under the Mammoth Lake basin, the past week. Two were greater than 5.0. They think Mt. St. Helens may erupt again soon, based on indications from recent quakes. It looks like Mauna Loa is waking up. And a volcano in Japan rumbled to life in this month, and has been erupting.

So I checked a few other bits. A magnitude of almost 5 off the coast of Alaska, today. A whole cluster of 3-4 magnitude in various places around Alaska. I'd say that the Ring of Fire is definitely lively.
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