October 28th, 2004

Dancing Thru

Rodent Invasion

It's obviously been a good year for rodents. Ming has been getting a couple a week, but the supply keeps coming, which makes me wonder if the owls in the big sycamore have moved on. One night, he caught and dispatched three mice.

However, what concerns me is that the last two have been *inside* the house, and I don't think they are catches that he's brought in and let loose for Circe to practice on. The other night, I was sitting on the couch, with Ming asleep beside me, and he suddenly sits bolt upright, listening. Then he becomes VERY interested in something behind the bookcase. After ten minutes of stalking, he grabs something, and I realize it's a half-grown RAT. He growls at Circe, who comes to check it out. I open the front door, and he takes it outside, to dispatch it at leisure. The next morning, I confirm from the remains that it was indeed a rat. Then, last night, Hobbes nails something in the back hallway. It's a mouse. However, he lets it get away, and it heads for cover. I was rather amused at looking around as the cats and I were playing "catch the mouse" to find Ming and I were taking the active roll, with Hobbes and Circe covering the escapes, like some odd team sport. I moved some stuff, Ming chased it, and I did the final catch (by the tail) and chucked the mouse out the back door. Teamwork, I like that.

My theory is that they're getting in via the screen room, since passthrough is still open to give Circe access to her favorite yard-watching spot (but not for long!). And of course, inside the house are wonderful things like munchy catfood, the rodents not realizing that you are what you eat!
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Living now...

I've started upgrading my wardrobe again, rather than making do with clothes I've had for ten years. I realize I tend to wear things until they're pretty dead, and it's mostly out of misplaced frugality. Which isn't to say I don't find great markdowns, or great pre-owned clothing. But it's one thing to keep wearing a well-made 30-year-old skirt because you love it, and another to keep wearing a 5-year-old skirt that looks like it is soon to graduate to the status of "dustrag" because it still has some life. And I realized when I made the shift. It was when Jana and Lia died. Lia, at least, in her later life, took reasonable care of herself. Jana...was one of the folks who lived in a "Great Depression" mentality. Where it's hard to buy new underwear, because who's going to see it, anyway? Interesting, she could get things for characters and personnas (her SCA and Victorian selves lived far better that she did).

Lately, I've been browsing estate jewelery on ebay, and notice it comes primarily from dealers in retirement communities. There are notes attached, pathetic commentaries on lives, sometimes. "Her father purchased this set for her mother, and it was worn only three times in the past 40 years, for very special occasions." "Bought from a 90-year-old who has kept it in a safe deposit box since WWII, as new." These are things that people never WORE. They kept them for special occasions that never came. Where's the enjoyment in that? But that's what so many people do... They're so afraid of something happening to it they don't ever enjoy it. Or they put them aside for something special, and forget that right now can be special, too.

So, lately, I've been wearing my SCA jewelery, too. It's neat stuff (even if it is mostly costume jewelery), and deserves better than to sit in a box. And I've refound a few things like my grandmother's earrings, along the way. I a pair of them the other day. I'm finding it's remarkable fun. It's like playing dress-up, for no reason at all. Hmm, I think I'm onto something, there.
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