November 2nd, 2004

Dancing Thru

The Newly-Fashionable Polling Place

I commented that if they had set up a stand selling donuts and coffee, they could have cleaned up. Some of us regulars commented that usually, we walk right in, and are voting in the time it takes for them to log us in. I got there at 8:45, and the line went from the rec room of the church down the long annex hallway back to the sanctuary. The lady vaccuuming the stairs unlocked the storage area and got out some folding chairs for those for whom lengthy standing was a problem. There was also some sort of voting annex set up across the street, but I'm not sure what that was about. Periodically, the precinct supervisor would go down the hall and make sure we had the correct number on our sample ballots, and let people know the average waiting time from certain points in the line. The end of the line, out in the sanctuary, was about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Someone said they should have gotten there at 7 am. He shook his head and said it wouldn't have helped, as there was already a line down the block when they opened the doors.

Wow, I'm impressed. We who vote regularily (I've missed 3 elections since 1972, and those only on minor local bond measures, usually with really good excuses like being sick) talked about how great it was to see people taking an interest, finally!

We got a choice of electronic or paper. I opted for electronic because there was one paper booth, and six electronic ones. Besides, I voted touchscreen last time. It took just under an hour to get to the voting booth, and only a few minutes once there, since I mark everything up on my sample ballot beforehand...though I found to my chagrin that I had forgotten to mark one page, so I had to reread the initiatives and remember what I had decided. And they had switched around the order in which various offices appeared.

It will be interesting to see how everything turns out, the initiatives as well as the election.
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Margaret Hassan - too ghastly to contemplate

When Al-Jazeera refuses to air a tape saying it's too graphic, things are bad. These folks aren't particularily squeamish. But that's what they said of the latest tape of Margaret Hassan, the Irish-born Iraqi citizen who heads up CARE in Iraq. What are they doing, cutting off/mutilating body parts? I don't know if I want to know.

But basically, what this shows is that these are people who probably eat their children. People who torture humanitarian workers who are helping their own people are beyond psychopathic. Think of the worst propaganda posters of elder wars, and it's probably all true. Death is too good for these people. And I can only hope it turns everyone in the Middle East's stomachs enough that they turn on them in a deserved Jehad and hunt them down like rabid plague rats. Except that's libeling rabid plague rats.
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