November 3rd, 2004

Dancing Thru

Four more years

I had a sense of it, before I found out officially. I got up and dressed in black from the skin out, and put on my sword necklace. I was humming a lot of Chris de Burgh, particularily "Revolution" and the "Crusader" suite. (No one ever really listens to that last song, as it's not about holy causes and triumph in the Middle East through god being on your side, which a surprising number of people seem to think it is---it's about star chambers and secret agendas and corruption in high places. And it's particularily creepy when you realize how long ago it was written.) When I'm really down or cynical, Chris de Burgh seems to fit my mood, either to fit in with it ("Transmission Ends...") or pick me up ("Don't Pay the Ferryman"). I think I'm going to be playing a lot of Chris de Burgh.

Let's see, conservatives in control of the legislature, the senate, the White House, and who knows about the Supreme Court. I feel my rights dropping away like dead leaves.

I just hope there's enough pieces left of the country at the end of the term for us to pick them up.
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    Medley of Chris de Burgh's political music