November 12th, 2004


Cat licenses, bah!

Well, I now have the complete collection of certificates from the vet that I need to register my cats with the city of San Jose. Rabies vaccination, neutering, etc. Even the vet's office is pretty disgusted with the city of San Jose, they said off the record. They have had the cat licensing thing for a few years, now, but most of us have ignored it. Besides, there was a clause that said you could only own 2 cats. Kind of Sophie's choice, for those of us with 3.
Well, now Intrusive Government has figured it needs to get revenue, so they are now allowing 5 pets per household (mix and match), and are threatening citations and steep fines to those who don't register by the end of the month. My neighbor next door says she's going to just hide her cats, but I figure mine are too well known in the neighborhood. So, here goes $7 per cat per year to the city. At least, thankfully, they're neutered, which saves Big Bucks on licensing.
Humpf, though. It's just a way to collect more money, and everyone knows it.
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