January 6th, 2005

Dancing Thru

I really should have kept track of my writing...

I'm starting to understand my father, who couldn't remember all the films and TV he'd designed sets for. I periodically get the urge to check up on myself on the web, and I sometimes get surprises. (It's also interesting in that I've written under Jilara as a pen name, and several different variations of my legal name, so I never know where I'll turn up.) I just found another SF/Fantasy credit for myself, from 1979. My thought was "Huh? I wrote for Windhaven?" But yeah, it was undisputably one of mine.

I just don't keep track. Once they leave my brain via my keyboard, the stuff just doesn't matter to me, any more. It's like I sometimes find stories I've forgotten about writing. And I really have no idea how many magazine articles I've written, though I can at least sometimes manage to remember which publications... I remember joking once that Hearst publications were my cash cow, but I really have to work at it to recall which ones. Somewhere in a box, I think I have copies of most of the stuff that was sent for publication, but after it's been accepted, I tend to forget them. I've actually tried to keep copies of my "Velma" stories, the erotic misadventures of my would-be silent movie actress, as she had a fan base, and I have thought of someday doing a full compilation, including stories still just visualized in my head, but I'm particularily bad at keeping track of the ones on electronic media. I really need to print them onto paper and stuff them into the file cabinet, one of these years...
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