January 7th, 2005

Dancing Thru

Craving fruit...

For two days, I've been craving fruit, and even taking vitamin C and eating raisins and bananas didn't do it, so I had lunch at Jamba Juice today. That seems to be what I needed. There is something more complex than simply vitamins going on, I'd say.

And on the topic of food, I fixed a salmon patty for dinner last night, and only looked at the nutritional info on the package after I'd eaten it. I just about choked. One patty has 975 calories??? This is salmon and broccoli, and they're not that big. What did they do, soak it in lard? Then I noticed "product of Scotland." Hmm, these are the folks who brought you deep-fried twinkies, so I guess the motto is "We can make even a healthy food unhealthy!"
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