January 17th, 2005


Why do they send these things?

If I've told him to NOT send me stuff once, I've told him a dozen times. My late best friend's husband just loves to send huge graphics and executable files. I've told him that I don't want them, and won't open them, but no...he just loves to fill up my entire email over the course of a weekend, so that I can't get any real mail. It's probably full of trojan executables, too. (His late wife was always telling him to cease and desist on this, too, because she had the same problem with her own email, and her pleas fell on deaf ears.) I sometimes wonder if one should just regularily change email providers, to avoid the spam and friends who think they absolutely have to pass on everything that crosses their email account.
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Dancing Thru

Oh, was LJ down?

I wouldn't have even known, if it weren't that so many folks on my friends list mentioned it. But then, I couldn't get a dialup connection on one of my tries to check my ebay bids, and figured there was nothing online I couldn't do without for a while. The more time goes on, the less the net seems to matter to me. Sort of like when I gave up CB radio...

I don't even think that much of email any more... I prefer a slower pace where I'm not immediately reachable. Time is too precious to waste too much of it on the net.
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Shutdowns in 2005

They just sent out a schedule of shutdowns for this year. Um, the recovery isn't doing as well as the pundits claim. We're now up to THREE enforced shutdowns, this year. This is a new record. Last year was only one. The year before had two. And this year as spiked up to three. It's one of those accounting things where your bottom line comes out better if you just close the company for a week or two, and force people to take vacation or unpaid time off. I'm glad I now get 3 weeks of vacation a year. But anyone who's been here less than three years could have a problem... (Have we hired anyone in the last 3 years? Maybe it's not really a problem...)
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