February 2nd, 2005

Dancing Thru

My babbling brook

There are now some barracades, but the street is still being a boisterous stream. It actually makes little babbling brook/fountain noises, now. The pavement is sagging in a rough square between my improptu spring and the curb. There is a lake out in front, with a stream running both ways along the curb.

Lake Magnolia makes it hard for me to plan for ripping out more yard overgrowth. I need that space for piling the debris for the compost recyclers. But that area in front of my house is currently about 4 inches deep in water. I can hope that Lake Magnolia drains by the weekend, but it's not something I can count on, since this is now Day 4 of the Innundation, and no sign of repair. I have a big pile of prunings from the limbs I chainsawed off the silk tree and from the almond tree trunk, sitting in the driveway. I was planning to put these out by the curb on the weekend, and am now wondering about it. I have been cutting the smaller pieces (under 2" diameter)off over a few lunch hours, and have a pretty substantial pile. (Come the weekend, the big stuff will get cut up with the chainsaw and added to the firewood pile.) I can't make plans to get more serious jungle-whacking done until I know where I can put the yard waste, without it floating away.
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