February 9th, 2005

Dancing Thru

Where you've lived meme

From a bunch of friends comes this meme...

List the cities and towns you've lived in (not just visited), and post them in your LJ.

Sherman Oaks, California
La Quinta, California
Honolulu, Hawaii (Oahu)
Halakini, Hawaii (Maui)
Burbank, California
Van Nuys, California
Cambria, California
San Luis Obispo, California
Santa Clara, California
Los Gatos, California
Campbell, California
San Jose, California

(Hmm, where on the scale of this does one include the folks having a trailer at Avila Beach, that we went to on weekends, for almost two years? That's sort of like living there, except it's living there on weekends, only.) Of course, I've spent so much time at friends' houses in Palo Alto, Berkeley, and Sacramento that there are still people who thought I lived in those towns...
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