March 9th, 2005

Dancing Thru

possible vacation company...

Okay, this might just work out. My friend Scott just mangled his ankle pretty badly (snapped a tendon by breaking a piece off the bone, etc.) and will be off work for the next month "trying not to go stir crazy." They're not letting him walk more than minimally, and he's in a big, clunky cast.

I offered, since most of this trip is sightseeing from the car, and we can put him in the back seat of my pickup with his leg elevated. I wouldn't have help with the driving, but it would be company. He said if his disability payment comes through in time that he can manage, he'd love to go with me. (He's going to be severely short on money until that happens.) I pointed out that he'd have to amuse himself somewhere (like at the condo) while I was casino-hopping (or we could get him a wheelchair and wheel him around) or hiking, and he said it was better than staring at walls. The irony is that there is no way his work would have let him off to go, if he weren't really injured, because it's right at the start of the new quarter at Stanford (he works at the bookstore). It's possible his doctor would be horrified, which would make it right out, but who knows? So I guess we'll see what things look like two weeks from now.
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