March 22nd, 2005

Dancing Thru

Vacation resets and setbacks

My boss is not happy that I'm taking a vacation, right now. Tough. It was scheduled 8 months ago, before all the release nonsense and delays. I have been working 10-12 hour days, and was in to work on Sunday. (Time to read Live Journal? I'm only finding time to post because it's theraputic.) However, it will be interesting to see how Pubs functions without me, for a week, right before a delayed release goes out. If it goes out. (It was supposed to be out, already, for the week I will be gone.)

And it looks like it will be just me, going. Scott has things to deal with. His disability doesn't look like it will come through by the end of the week, and he needs to pay rent. Plus, his mom is having health issues again, and he needs to keep an eye on her.

But on the other side, it looks like I will be seeing my brother and his wife in Las Vegas! Louise was supposed to be teaching spring quarter at the community college, but there were some budget issues, so she's not. So they packed their trailer and headed south! They were on their way to Death Valley when we chatted on Sunday. And the trailer park where they will be in Vegas is just a short distance from my condo. So, a rendezvous is called for! Honestly, I've never had a vacation that's experienced so many odd switches and swaps!

And I am counting down days until I go, because my stress levels are just about maxxed out. And I get the second phase of my root canal tomorrow, oh joy.
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