June 7th, 2005

Dancing Thru

Well, I upgraded...

Of course, the way tech goes, "permanent account" probably means "hopefully 5 years or more," but I am happy enough with Live Journal that having a permanent account would be very nice. And the option of adding in losts of photos icons (!!!) could be nice. Live Journal has been a nice place to stay in touch, without the problems of the old Usenet groups.
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Dancing Thru

Attention Deficit - caused by modern life?

I'm realizing that the chaos in my head, that comes and goes lately, and which has been giving me the attention span of a cat, is a form of attention deficit. Let's call it an inability to concentrate, with an edge of impatience. It's not the same as multitasking, because that is simply focusing on several things simultaneously. It also wrecks your ability to visualize, even something so simple as what a finished recipe should taste like. But it's been bothering the hell out of me, because it's very distracting, and I can't enjoy things like reading, because my brain is racing too much. So I started analyzing it.
It gets better if I unfocus, meditate, listen to music, or do various stress-relieving things. It gets worse if I watch TV. TV is interesting, because it's like an addictive compound. If I'm in this state, I crave it, but TV makes the mental state worse. You want to even watch mindless junk, in this state, channel surf, or have it playing in the background. But it makes the attention deficit worse, and puts you into a nasty mood. I call that an addiction. Stressed? Kill the TV.
I have a feeling that it's caused by information overload. The brain is trying to process too much, and is starting to do things in shorthand. But some basic process thinks that it's just that it needs more information to be able to sort things properly. Which isn't the case, but it's spoofing the brain into thinking so. Hence the craving for things like TV. Fortunately, I seem to have a security valve, that will put my brain into shutdown/veg mode, if I really, really need it. But this is getting worrisome. I need to just get away and stare at trees for a while.
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