June 13th, 2005


Interesting weekend...

I had been planning to do some shopping before heading to the Celtic Fair, and got back to find Circe had pulled the local neighborhood paper into the middle of the livingroom. When I picked it up, I noticed an article on a new farmer's market starting a couple blocks away. So, when Chris got here, we walked up and checked it out. Very good-sized, considering it was the debut of it, this weekend. We bought some goodies for later in the day (mmmm, cinnamon bread!) and veggies, then headed up to Fremont.
I had a very good time at the Celtic Fair. It's nice to go to these events as a civilian, now and then. Danced my little feet off to Tempest, at both their gigs. Checked out some other groups, including Tinkers Damn, who seems to be pretty good. Roger's Rangers were having a snit that they wouldn't let them fire guns or cannon, and I said "Gee, that's why our English Civil War group doesn't do this event, any more." (I really wonder how long before the neighbors petition the park to get rid of the Memorial Day Civil War event, not liking all the noise. It's already cut back to two days.) I also ran into my friend Ritchie Van Healey, who's a great Celtic fiddler (and has always had a crush on me), and whom I hadn't seen for...um, about 15 years. We chatted quite a bit, and I found out he's a software guy, now. The allergens must have moved on, as I had no problem with my allergies, unlike two weeks earlier. Chatted quite a bit with my friends who do the Romans, this time. Got to try on some Roman armor and a helmet. Bob G. kidded me that he knew I'd been wanting to for a loooong time, and I couldn't argue with him.
Didn't get back until almost 7, and decided it was too late to make paella, even though I'd gotten the ingredients in the morning, fully intending to take some to the party over at Starport. Well, lack of ambition had set in, and since there was the other food we had gotten for the party (including a salmon/dill torta and crackers), I picked up just the "accessory food" and headed over. Lots of good folks there, including Aahz and Randolph, and Fred and Robin and their girls, but the energy was such I was having trouble staying in the house. I felt like a cloud of wasps was circling my head. Randolph and I walked around the block and chatted. When we got back, it seemed so much preferable to sit out on the front porch and chat with folks out there. Chris said he just put up his strongest shields and was okay. I decided about 9:30 that I'd had all of it I could take, and headed home.
I was mostly in hermit mode on Sunday, and just didn't feel like talking to people. I did some shopping and picked up my comic books, but I mostly just stayed at the house, ignored the phone, and cooked and did yard work. I got another of the Earth Boxes planted with a bell pepper and another of the eggplants. I am seriously impressed with how the tomatos are doing. I have upwards of 30 little green tomatos set, so far. YES! I'm seeing homemade pizza with slices of tomato and basil leaves on top. I also changed out the curtains and matching comforter to the lavender and green bamboo set, which is my summer decor scheme (and matches the kimono I put up on the wall). Played lots of music, starting with a couple runthroughs of Michael Mullen's new CD, which I had gotten the day before. What's good is that the background soundtrack of music in my head has restarted. This is a GOOD THING. If there's no music playing in my head, when it's not physically playing, my brain is screwed up. Some odd selections are coming up, though. Sailor's Hornpipe? I think Sunday was really being a day of rest, letting my system normalize out again. Oddly, I hadn't noticed my dancing muscles until last night, then I started to notice my stomach was sore and I could feel odd twinges in the backs of my knees. I need to dance more.
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Idiots who write articles

I am now wondering exactly what sorts of standards (low, presumably) it takes to get an article published, nowadays. At least, in something other than a huge major publication (or maybe even those---I tend not to read huge major publications). But then, I see the sort of bogus crap that gets aired all the time on the History Channel, without anyone opening a book to verify a purported "fact," and realize maybe I expect too much of the modern media.

I encounter this junk every day. The latest that made me go "Whaaa??" was an article on buying jewelery in a travel magazine. You know, "invest at the source" and stuff like that. In this, I learned that you can determine if a pearl has been dyed by seeing if the color rubs off on your skin (?!), and that "for gems like rubies or emeralds, you shouldn't pay more that $10-20 for stones that aren't transparent." (Presumably like window glass?) Wow, that was a blanket statement.

Wow, those dyed pearls must have been dyed recently, presumably in the back room... Seriously, a good quality dyed pearl isn't going to rub off dye under normal wear, let alone if you're rubbing it on you in the jewelery store. (For the record, most "black" pearls are dyed, and they can still be fairly high quality. Pearls really need an expert to judge some of them.) And as for those rubies and emeralds, emeralds naturally include inclusions and usually are translucent rather than transparent. That's why I love them---they have character. Synthetics are transparent. You can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for an eye-clean natural specimen of any reasonable size. I think this person has figured that the opposite of "opaque" is "transparent," without bothering to educate themself on what real gems are actually like. Most those "transparent" stones are actually synthetics (which aren't even mentioned). And I'm *still* working on the part about North Carolina being a good source of high quality emeralds! (I know they've found them there, but in terms of emeralds, what comes to mind is Columbia, Zambia, and Brazil...) It read like someone's school paper. (Maybe it *was* someone's school paper!) I know I made a few awful bloopers when I was trying to write articles, back when I was in high school ("there are virtually no poisonous Boletes..." when there is, of course, Boletus satanicus, though not in California!).

I've really got to start writing magazine articles again, in self-defense. I shouldn't complain unless I'm doing something to help remedy the situation.
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