July 28th, 2005

Dancing Thru

It's feeling like an expensive month...

Lessee, a problematic laptop, expensive new tires good for off-road travel, down payment on a very large cannon, and now it looks like the bathroom is going to need a visit from a plumber Real Soon Now. Chris told me that replacing the washer on the hot water faucet on the tub was Challenging last time, and had some extra weirdness that seemed to indicate the whole assembly really needs replacing. If he found it too challenging, I have a feeling I may, too. And the water leak has moved from a drip to a steady stream. Yee-ha. Oh, and the car registration is due in the next couple weeks. (At least the Governator rolled back the license fees...)
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So the IRA is standing down...

Maybe they just figure that, in a world where some Islamicist is blowing himself to Allah every day, they can't compete.

Personally, I'll believe it when I see it. After all, it's a war that's basically been going on since 1690, with occasional time-outs, but never actually resolved.
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Dancing Thru

News I didn't want to hear...

I thought there was something familiar in the voice of the wife a San Leandro cop who was gunned down in San Leandro, two days ago, when I heard her on the radio. But I couldn't place the name.

I just found out the widow of the murdered cop was the daughter of some friends of mine. She's a kid I watched grow up, and she and her late husband have kids of their own. Damn.
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