August 4th, 2005

Dancing Thru

Sigh of relief and immense thanks to Petsmart staff

So I'm running errands at lunch, and my last one before fast food is Petsmart to grab some severely discounted Friskies canned food. Bags of cat food in hand, I approach my truck key. I put the bags of food into the bed of the truck and check pockets. No key. I move into the shade of a nearby tree and start a severe rummage through all parts of my purse. No key. I peer in the windows at the ignition, the driver's seat, the floor... No key.

At this point I start retracing my steps, thinking about the 1 pm meeting at work that is rapidly approaching. I'm going around the store, everywhere I walked, and don't see a key. Then I see the manager with a couple employees and approach and explain. He tells everyone to check the floors for keys, and personally goes to check carts, asking if I'd left the cart outside. (No, I left it by the door, picking up my bags of cat food.) I wonderful woman, hearing my plight, says that if I live in her direction, she could give me a ride. I thank her, but stay to keep checking. Someone runs up with my key, at that point. It was under the edge of a float near the cash registers. I profusely thank them and headed out. I call out to the woman, now loading her car in the next aisle, "They found it!" and thank her again, and she gives me a thumbs up. Somehow, I was less than five minutes late for my meeting.

I am feeling SO upbeat and optimistic about my fellow humans, right now.
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