August 5th, 2005

10lb Parrott

Cannon coming!

This Sunday morning, I take delivery of the new cannon.

I have been thinking, reading, and dreaming 10 pound Parrott rifles ever since I put down the deposit. I can hardly wait!
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Dancing Thru

New cooking toy: pizza oven

I have a new toy in the kitchen. I've debated getting one for a couple years, and at $35 on closeout, I decided it wasn't too bad a price. I'm actually amazed I haven't found a tabletop pizza oven at a garage sale or related. That's how I've gotten everything from the salad shooter to the stick mixer to the electric pasta machine.

So I tried it out last night. Though I laugh to find myself complaining that the pizza dough took too long to rise---I wanted to use it immediately! Okay, so my pizza crusts are more freeform than round, I topped the first one with tomatoes, basil, and swiss cheese. The second got spaghetti sauce, tomatoes, and a combination of cheddar and parmesan. Both were good, though I'm finding I tend to prefer the "no sauce" version. I suspect I may be getting quite a bit of use out of this little oven, especially since you get pizza in 15 minutes without heating up hardly anything (always good in the summer).

I think a future pizza will have carmelized onions with mushrooms...
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