August 9th, 2005

Dancing Thru

I was right about the checks

The new checks arrived yesterday. Whatever happened to putting them into actual little boxes? These were just in a couple of trays in a shipping box.

And yes, there was a substitution. I can live with this one, but it's still not the checks I liked. It has a sort of sharktooth wave pattern background in a slightly more indigo pale blue with slightly more color saturation (you'd never know I was an artist's daughter, would you?). And instead of a single blue foil line across the top, there is a silver foil wavy line with the space between it and the top of the check filled in light indigo. A very "water" theme going here, I would say. I don't like it as much as my old checks, but I can live with it. However, I don't think I'll reorder this pattern.

And of course, just to torment me, a catalog I just got that's mostly address labels now has checks. And one of their designs is "Antique," a plain beige with vintage-looking borders and fields. Argh!! Just missed it!
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10lb Parrott

Letter to the Beyond

Dear Lia,
Wherever you are, you're probably chuckling over the new cannon. Who thought, when we first joined the NCWA, back in 1983, that we'd end up as artillery babes, huh? I remember that first event we went to, and they said "You nurses stay back with the cannon." All two cannon. Who would have thought that I would now have both of those cannon?

Remember all those practical jokes we used to play on Ed Frutchie? Everything from the uniform up the flagpole to the "Dearest Eddie" letter that looked like he'd been framed in a liason by his second-in-command? Remember the morning he woke up to find the muzzle of his cannon pointed into his tent? Yeah, that's the cannon sitting in my driveway. I'm sure you remember passing it on highway 17, with Ed's car off to the side, and a compact car with its front end in the trailer with the cannon? And asking him about it, and finding out some idiot lost control, hit the median, and the next thing he knew, he was towing a cannon AND a car? Apparently, Woody, whom I bought it from, had always wondered about the strange kant to the axel, but it made perfect sense, when I told him the story.

I remember the time we rode out to Angel Island with this cannon, when we were taking the supplies for cooking for the Union Brigade. We sat on the limber chest, in the trailer with the cannon, and joked how that made us part of the artillery.

Funny how that worked. I joined the Confederate artillery, and you moved back to Gettysburg for a while, to work at the B&B bought by the former head of the Union Artillery, when he retired. Funny when you think about it.

I just wanted to tell you about the cannon, since you'd be amused, considering all the history the two of us had with it, back when it was named Little Leanne. Think I should rename it? "Renegade" just doesn't quite fit. It needs a female name. I think you'd agree. Heck, Ed would probably agree, too. If you see him over there, on the Other Side, ask him, okay? So long as I own it, I'll think of you guys, and Old Times.
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