August 11th, 2005


Hurting at the pump

I was appalled by what my finances did, this month. Okay, yes, I bought a expensive new Civil War toy, which took a chunk out of the accounts, but it couldn't be just that... Then I started figuring out what I've been paying for gas, which I hadn't tracked as closely because I use my ATM card at the pump. (There's a reason why I try not to use the ATM card ...) Aye-yi-yi! The price of filling the tank with gas, cumulatively, over the past month (which involved a trip to Oregon, and one to Sacramento, to pick up the cannon), was staggering. And now I'm about to go on a camping trip, which involves driving to a remote location. Youch! I'm really PAYING for my recreation, this summer. (I'm really glad the next Civil War event is fairly close. But the gas for the Fresno event in October is going to be...grim. It will probably be well over $3/gal by then, if the pattern holds.)

I know it's going to get a LOT worse, if it fits with what I saw in a precog dream, a few years back. Hmm, I should start scouting reasonable bicycle routes to work now... (The trick is getting past the rail yards, expressways and the freeways, as there are only a few pass-throughs, and most are grim for bicycles.) Over seven miles each way would be good for my general fitness, I tell myself.
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