October 20th, 2005

Dancing Thru

I need a flat screen

I got the new computer out of its box. Ohmigod, the monitor on this thing is GIGANTIC. Now, mind you, I wanted a big screen, this time around, so I thought this was good. But I wasn't counting on how deep the thing is. It's so deep it doesn't fit on the computer desk (with the monitor as far back as it will go, the base (and the screen) overhangs the front of the shelf by about an inch). Well, I'd been thinking of getting a flat screen monitor, eventually, anyway... Still, you wouldn't think a conventional monitor needed to be THAT deep...you'd think cathode ray tubes could be improved on a bit. I hate having to compromise.

I may end up hooking up the old, small monitor, just so I don't end up with this thing in my lap...
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