November 7th, 2005

Dancing Thru

Some fun Spam taglines

There were some particularily good ones in the morning spam filter.
Create endoderm fluffy
She bold him yogi

And my personal favorite:

Oh, I'll bet it is...
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Dancing Thru

Double and triple lives

It's all a matter of careful scheduling... While some folks have no lives, I have too many of them---no, not too many, just enough that trying to fit them into available time can be hard. Last weekend I felt like I was playing tag-team.

Friday night, I had to tell Scott I'd catch up with him later, as I was meeting up with someone new I'd met to chat (and eat tacos and people watch, etc.) I get home at 10, read email, check a couple research items on the web, and fall into bed, since it's midnight when I finish. Then was get up, run some errands, get back by 10 am to meet up with Chris to carpool to Wilton (3 hour trip) for the English Civil War meeting, picking up Shula along the way. Visit with Shula and catch up with some stuff along the way. Socialize at annual party and meeting. Drop Shula back in Davis. Go home. Get home about 8:30. Do housework. Check email. Get up next morning. Start laundry and some yardwork. Phone rings. Jordan has some free time. Okay, maybe I'll reschedule grocery shopping, since I haven't had any time with him for quite a while. Hmm, we wanted to see Zorro... Check movie times. Okay, I can probably make it up to the Fogarty winery to pick up my wine club stuff and be back in time to catch a matinee. Jordan arrives and we head out for the winery, do tasting and gossip, since they know us up there. Head back in time to arrive 3 minutes before Legend of Zorro starts. Watch movie. Back to my place, make us sandwiches from the party leftovers I took home, catch up on life and the universe. When did you say you need to get hold of Chris for dinner plans? he asks, as it's starting to get dark. I look at the clock. 5:10. Umm, about now? I wave goodby and call Chris. We head out to dinner. Send him home, while I finish the laundry, do some exercising, decide I have better things to do than waste time on the computer, end up doing some reading, try to work on some book notes, and fall asleep before 11 pm. Sleep becomes more and more seductive, the older I get...

This morning, I changed the bed, redid the bedroom curtains (including finally getting the hooks installed for the tie-backs), changed the kimono up on the wall and moved the stained glass piece into the bathroom window (so of course I had to clean the window and get rid of cobwebs), before sitting down to start sorting junk mail into Toss/Shred/Further Attention piles. I only got halfway through, and found the recycling truck had snuck through early, and had already emptied the bin. Oh well, it's good ballast for next week's load... Hmm, it's sprinkling. Go move some stuff that really needs to get into the garage before it starts raining. Hmm, oh, yeah, time to go to work... Where did the weekend go?
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