December 1st, 2005

Dancing Thru

Black Skies

Well, it looks like Old Man Winter is finally here with a vengeance. It's dark out, rain streaking the windows here on the second floor, an occasional rumble for accompaniment, and promises to be a biggie on the storm front, tonight. This morning, I saw a couple mammary clouds dropping to the north---only got halfway to the ground, but alarming to see, nonetheless. At noon, huge clouds of leaves were blowing everywhere in storm gusts---veritable leaf-storms! I wouldn't be too surprised if we got some lightning in the mix.

Pretty cool, provided we don't get any disaster-ish conditions.
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Dancing Thru

Winter Drinks - Ale posset

So I picked up this interesting ale recently, which advertised itself as "honey and almond." Took one sip and knew it was a perfect posset ale! So I went to the fridge and got the eggnog, thinned it slightly with milk, and heated it in the microwave. Then I poured in the ale (room temp, of course). It frothed up, and drinking it was heaven! Exactly what a posset should be! Think of this as a warm, alcoholic egg cream.
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