January 5th, 2006

Dancing Thru

At the end of the Season

Well, when I take down the holiday lights this weekend, it will mark the end of Winter Holidays. Pick some. Pick any, pick all. I find myself exhausted by social whirl, that started back around Thanksgiving. Is there such a thing as Too Much Holiday? I don't know. It was great to spend time with lots of old friends, but after a while, you kind of start to flag. It's like fashionable dissipation: you can only keep it up for a certain amount of time. Too much togetherness. Too much food. Too much...well, rain, too...a factor of cabin fever in there, I suspect.

The tree went back into storage last weekend. I really need to set a day for reorganizing the "seasonal junk" closet, because Halloween is currently toppling out every time I do something with the Christmas stuff. And it might be better to just reorg the whole thing, rather than put the rest of the stuff away again, and have to deal with yet another layer, later.

I can feel the days lengthening with a sense of relief. It feels like things are going to be better, this year. I may be speaking too soon, but I can hope. I also have too many people I worry about. For them, I hope for a better new year.

Onward to Candlemas!
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Dancing Thru

A song in my heart...or my auditory cortex

I hear music all the time. Or at least most of the time. Today's selection seems to be "Blue Sky Mining" by Midnight Oil. There are some that are "background theme music," like the tracks from Star Wars, that's the default program in my head. My "default tracks" are usually instrumental, and usually block out actual background music. Well, today I stumbled across a story (from last year) about what's going on when a song gets stuck in your head. The results are in this link:

I may be somewhat different in that I get such a wide selection, and that the defaults are instrumental. Still...

Hello, Cortex Radio?, I'd like to request a song...
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