January 9th, 2006

Dancing Thru

At last, the Stove!

Well, things have a way of working out. I've had this bee in my bonnet about a new stove, since the old harvest-gold Magic Chef that came with the house is distinctly on its way out... After much research, rather like with the new mattress, I came to the conclusion that a low-budget stove was not the way I wanted to go. Sigh, always the sticker shock.

I've done a lot of checking around. I've reviewed stoves on the net, I've checked them at the various appliance stores. And came to the realization I was going to have to spend over $1K on the thing, like it or not. But nothing has really been what I wanted. I *thought* I wanted a Peerless Premier, as it got good reviews on the net, but on finally meeting it in person, I wasn't too enthused. It seemed kind of cheesy, construction-wise.

But there I was, Saturday, in Meyer's Appliance, so I started asking questions. And found myself going in unexpected directions. And it turned out they had a sale on. So, in the end, I see-sawed back and forth between a closeout stove with some really nice features at $1299, and this other stove that was marked $1599, but was on sale... And in the end, I got the latter, which turned out to be $1225 with the sale price. Not in stock, but I have a nice black one (to match the fridge) on order, now. It has a high-BTU wok burner, and an elongated center burner nice for a bain-marie or griddle (included). And the oven will broil or do convection, or lots of other nifty stuff programmable stuff (there's a built-in temperature probe for your meat, too). The next generation of stoves... I've gone high-tech! It's going to be fun to have this! I do a lot of cooking now, but what could I do with a new stove with all these bells and whistles...fun to find out! I can hardly wait for it to arrive!
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