January 18th, 2006

Dancing Thru

Novel Thoughts and thoughts of Novels

I could do so much if I wasn't balancing tons of friends and hobbies and a job... So many projects, so little time.

It's going to need some of those weekends where I run away and hole up somewhere away from home, if I ever want to get my personal writing done. I've got lots of stuff nagging at me, needing to be written, on a couple of novels and short stories, but seems like no time. Heck, last night I was balancing Dan being over with friends on the phone, kind of multitasking. Half the time, I'm not even home... I need to get this stuff down on ---well, paper is kind of obsolete nowadays (though I always try to do hardcopy as well), but on some media. Yeah, this from the woman who sometimes has trouble finding time to do housecleaning...

I need to get some other stuff retyped, one of these years, too. I've got all those books sitting around in unedited hardcopy, really needing me to revisit them to edit them and tighten them up and put them into digital form. Sigh, priorities. I really need to set some more priorities. What happened to my time? I used to have time, once upon a long time ago. I used to have time to do crafts, to sew, to write. And I was doing martial arts and going out dancing until 2 in the morning at the same time. (Okay, yeah, I admit I pushed this schedule until I collapsed, but it was great while I could manage it.) Now, I find I'm falling into bed by 11 pm because my body says "that's it!", and don't seem to have any wiggle room. I've been managing to do art, mostly watercolor, on my lunch hour, but that's about it. (I've tried writing on my lunch hour, but it's a bad idea, because I lose track of time, and then I don't get back to my job for hours---bad thing.) I need more hours in the day... It's frustrating to have all this stuff I want to do, and seemingly no time to do it. However, I refuse to give up time with friends just to indulge my frustrated creativity. There has to be a better way to get this done...

Hmm, I wonder if this is yet another manifestation of the current phase of self-reinvention, where I keep looking at my life and outlooks and feeling discontent with what I see...
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Dancing Thru

What do they DO over there?

I call the house on the side nearest Park Ave. "the Haunted House" for a reason. There has always been something weird going on there, from the time I first moved in. First it was the Merle and Hilda show, the old couple who fought publically and heatedly all the time. Then it was her going crazy after Merle died, doing things like watering the lawn day and night so water ran down the street. Then Michelle and company moved in.

Ever since, it's being fighting, cops, screaming, weird characters circulating through, etc. etc. etc. Rumors have circulated that she was engaging in ... we'll call it "exchange of services" for various household repairs, etc. It's always something.

Last night, I went to bed and the back yard was dark. I woke up in the middle of the night, and the floodlights were on, and what I call "the American Tourister luggage gorrillas" were out. I haven't figured out if it's the younger kid practicing martial arts on the plastic garbage bins or what. But there is ongoing weird plastic thumping that lasts for hours, sometimes, usually in the middle of the night. All I can figure is that someone is working out their aggression on the garbage cans. Needless to say, it makes sleep difficult. Folks have suggested I call the cops. Well, compared to most the stuff I've called the cops about, over there, this is nothing. I'd feel more like crying wolf. Besides, I think I'd rather have someone work out the aggressions on the garbage rather than some of the possible solutions that have manifested, over the years. But I really wish the whole issue would just go away.
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